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Charity Clark Law was founded with two purposes:

• To provide our clients with aggressive, competent, and thorough representation for their legal needs.
• To bring about change in a broken criminal justice system.

At Charity Clark Law, we care about our clients and desire to meet their legal needs.

We provide a comprehensive review of our clients’ case to come up with the best resolution for them. From the initial consultation you will receive a fair and honest evaluation of your case with possible game plans for resolution. Each step will be taken with you, the client, involved in determining how to proceed. We understand that the legal battle you face is important to you. At times, the battle can consume your entire life. It is our goal to assist you in navigating these treacherous waters and to alleviate as much of the stress as possible.


Criminal Defense

Our firm handles Criminal Defense, including misdemeanors, DUI, as well as federal and state felonies. We have experience in every type of criminal case and have handled federal and state felony cases that include complex white-collar crimes, drug offenses, sex offenses, and violent crimes. We treat each case as separate and important. We maintain a reasonable caseload that enables us to thoroughly review your case for legal issues that attorneys with high volume caseloads may miss. Our goal is to protect your rights and to explore all options to ensure you receive the best outcome possible in your case.


Civil Litigation

In addition to Criminal Defense, we also handle civil litigation matters. Over the years we have developed extensive civil litigation experience. Unlike other civil litigation attorneys, our first goal is not billable hours. We structure a plan to fit our clients’ situation and financial means. Civil litigation can be daunting and expensive, which often times, prevents clients from being able to defend themselves. Our solutions aim to make it possible for everyone to avail themselves to representation for their civil litigation matter.


Criminal Justice Education

In addition to our work in the courtroom, Attorney Charity Clark is dedicated to changing our criminal justice system. Charity has begun work to educate the public on our system and how it can be improved. In our current climate of extremes and fears, Charity is making an effort to help reach a realistic and reasonable solution that benefits everyone regardless of political standings. Please check out her Facebook page for updated commentary on current issues.

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