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Charity wearing a hat that says "The Defense Never Rests"
Charity Clark, Esq.
Attorney at Law

Phoenix School of Law (2012)
Arizona State Bar (2012)
U.S. District Court, District of Arizona (2012)

Charity Clark founded Charity Clark Law in 2014 to provide clients with a new and unique legal option. She is a dedicated attorney who treats her clients with respect and compassion. It is her goal to ensure her clients are properly guided through their legal battle whether it be criminal or civil. She strives to provide individual attention and viable solutions for whatever issue her client may be facing. Charity takes time to personally respond to and address client issues and ensure her clients feel comfortable through each stage of their legal process.

An Experienced, Compassionate, and Dedicated Attorney

Charity brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. Charity has been involved in several high profile cases including the National News trial of Elizabeth Johnson, AKA the “Baby Gabriel” case. Charity was instrumental in determining and executing the defense that led to Ms. Johnson being found not guilty of the most serious charge, kidnapping. In addition, Charity was also involved in the “Baseline Killer” civil action against the City of Phoenix for their failure to properly handle and process DNA evidence that would have led to the perpetrator’s capture prior to the deaths of several victims.

Charity’s success stems from her willingness and ability to look beyond the surface and think outside the box. Charity starts with the basics, picking each case apart and finding the issues hidden below the surface then strategizing the best way to utilize them for each particular case. Charity will not just do the basic legal work. If there is an issue, she will work tirelessly to find it and make it work for her clients. Her abilities and dedication are highlighted by her many positive reviews from former clients. Her talents have also led to her work with R&R Law Group, working with them in handling their more serious felony criminal cases.

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