In addition to providing exceptional legal work through her firm, Charity Clark is dedicated to using her position and ability to make a difference in our state.  Currently, Charity is focusing her efforts on effectuating change in our criminal justice system.  She has labeled this initiative, “Smart on Crime.”

Charity believes that regardless of vast diversities in political and social views, the majority of people share the same common goals: stop crime and stop tragedies.  It is Charity’s goal and mission to educate all sides as to what steps can be taken to further this goal for everyone. 


With the exception of some radical extremists, no one wishes another human being to suffer a needless harm or death.  Charity believes by educating people on how her ideas for change promote their initiative without pitting one group against another, we can all come together for a common goal and make change actually happen. 


Please review Charity Clark Law’s Facebook page for her insights on current events, links to videos related to appearances she has made and news broadcasts she has been on promoting her concepts of change through unity of common goals regardless of race, political positions, or religion.



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